Make a difference

Voluntary organisations have been playing a key role in our society, and till nowadays, most of our Sports Associations are still run on a voluntary basis. It is difficult to imagine that this can or should change, but we want to help organise things a little more and get help to where it is needed.

One of the biggest challenges facing event organisers is human resources, especially when funding is limited, or as is frequently the case, nil. Nonetheless, there are many of us who can give a little time and share our knowledge to make that difference in sport.

There are many sports practiced regularly in Malta, including many that have national championships and tournaments. Typically, road races, football and waterpolo matches receive most of the exposure and assistance, but there are many other sports events underway and we aim to help some of these under-resourced events, where a little assistance can go a very long way.

Register now to be part of the the team! We will keep you updated with various events being held in Malta at which you can give a big helping hand!

Why Volunteer?

– Have fun

– Make a difference – give something back

– Involvement in the community: Make new friends and meet different people from different walks of life

– Build links with other sports people and other volunteers who might give you new opportunities and links for your own sport and for your professional life

– A sense of achievement

How Can I Contribute?

– Don’t overburden yourself – don’t take a task that is bigger than you can manage with your current skills and time

– Offer your expertise – organisational, IT, medical, driving, design, security, set-up, sport specific


– We are based at Triq Santa Lucija 211, Valletta. Feel free to leave a comment.